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Tutor: Lotte Dalgaard


During this course pupils acquaint themselves with the use of special materials in weaving in which to create a three-dimensional and living cloth surface. Pupils will learn special techniques for using high twist, elastic and other very fine active yarns, in combination with so-called stable yarns (like cotton, superwash wool or linen) to make fabulous pleated, folded and crinkled textiles. Focus will be on the practical work of warping, setting up the looms, weaving and finishing in hot water.


Event Details

During the day, students will try handling special active, hight-wisted and elastic yarns. Lotte will supply some warps in different yarns – linen, hightwisted wool and silk, and elastic yarns. Some warps will arrive early and be set up before the start of the course. Looms will be set up for weaving several samples in different yarns, which form exciting surfaces when finished in hot water.


Lotte will be a source of inspiration for weavers who have already tried some active yarns and want to develop their own qualities and also for beginners there will be a lot to learn too. Lotte will bring a lot of magical yarns from Denmark, which will be used together with yarns which are available in UK.