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Tutor: Nancy Hoskins


Event Details

A Three-Day Workshop for Beginning to Advanced Weavers on 8-Shaft Looms. Be a prestidigitator at the loom!


Explore the wonder of the Magic Threading. Like the magician's hat the Magic Threading is full of surprises. With a feat of legerdemain in the tie-up, one warp – with the appropriate warp, weft, and sett threaded to straight-eight twill – can deceive the eye into thinking the loom is threaded for weft-faced twills, point twills, krokbragd, rosepath, taqueté and many others. Letters, numbers, doubled Krokbragd and other unique weft-faced design options are also based on the magic threading. New ideas based on the Magic Threading for rug weavers are included in the workshop.


All of the time-saving techniques learned can be applied to weaving more balanced textiles. The workshop is filled with creative and time-saving tips for both functional and decorative fabrics and practical instruction on technique, designing, and drafting.