Anne Bulleid

Anne Bulleid

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Yarns and fabrics have fascinated me for as long as I can remember; it is all about feel and colour.


My first weavings were as a child on a simple toy loom. As an adult I tried many forms of embroidery and then quilting, but it wasn’t until I learnt to weave properly at the Workshop and then completed one of our rug courses with Jason Collingwood that I felt I had found my niche.


I do weave with finer yarn but mostly I weave rugs and wall hangings on two large looms, often dyeing my own weft yarn using indigo and acid dyes. Currently I am exploring different textural techniques using a neutral colour palette and have made my first rag rug.


Off- loom weaving intrigues me and I make and sell berets. I would like to try to make bags as well.


Danish weaver Lotte Dalgaard said on a course that we should ‘think with our fingers’. I try to put this into practice.

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