Gail Bryant

Gail Bryant

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I learnt to weave at Devon Weavers Workshop. Following a visit there for Open Studios I enrolled on a beginner’s course run at the Workshop by Sue Dwyer and was hooked. I completed a textile design course at Bradford College of Art in 2010; my final project was shown at New Designers in London that year.


My weaving allows me to explore my love of fibres, yarns and fabrics, combining technical skills with colour, texture and proportion. I get my inspiration from what I see around me. From the colours of a Dartmoor landscape to the shapes of paving stones and roof tiles in an urban setting. I love to look at and touch yarn, fibre, old textiles. I like to combine unlikely fibres to see what their different properties will bring to a finished fabric. The question on my lips is “I wonder what will happen if I use this…”

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