2016 Courses

Tutor: Rosalie Neilson  

Event Details

Point twill repp - rep runners: A study in 4 block design using linked blocks and solid stripes. Using the same profile draft, weavers will thread an 8-shaft loom with 4 or 5 different colours, of 8/2 cotton to design a table runner. (The warping instructions and color directions will be sent upon registration.) The runner will feature a series of 4-block motifs in the centre, with a border featuring 2- block motifs in opposite colors. The border will be separated from the center designs by a solid coloured stripe of 2 colours. Weavers will use a series of Design Pages from 'An Exaltation of Blocks' designed by Rosalie Neilson. Believe it or not, there are 1,024 different 4-block designs. Weavers will receive enough designs in their handouts to whet their creative appetites!   Rosalie Neilson loves using colour and geometric design in her weaving, her specialty being rep weave. An avid designer and teacher, she was featured in the 2-hour DVD by Interweave Press called 'Rep Weave'. She publishes regularly in weaving and braiding journals and maintains an active teaching schedule throughout the United States and Canada. This will be the third time she has taught in England. Her...

Tutor: Margo Selby  

Event Details

We are delighted to be welcoming Margo back to Devon Weavers Workshop during June 2016 to tutor another course for us based on her very successful book, Colour & Texture in Weaving. The course will give students the opportunity to experiment with yarns, colour and pattern using a warp selected from her book - with Margo giving expert inspiration, guidance and advice along the way.   Her first degree in textiles was followed by an MA in constructed textiles at the Royal College of Art. She then completed a two-year fellowship at the Ann Sutton Foundation, preparing her for a career in the textile industry. Margo has since become a highly successful designer of contemporary home textiles. Her trademark bold, intricate patterns and stunning use of colour set her designs apart. Her first course at the Workshop in 2013 proved to be such a success, producing so many exciting samples, that we wanted her back immediately!...

Tutor: Laura Thomas  

Event Details

A workshop that is designed to encourage participants to break the rules of weaving and push themselves outside their comfort zones. The workshop will begin with a discussion and exploration of what the definition of weaving is and what the 'rules' are. Participants will discuss what their preferred yarns, colour palettes and usual outcomes are. They will then be encouraged to do the opposite! As many samples as possible will be woven, many of which could then be further processed exploring finishing techniques such as devore, discharge dyeing, melting, pleating, burning etc. Weavers will be encouraged to explore ideas unencumbered by the restraints of functionality. Laura will bring a range of weft yarns for students to experiment with, detailed handouts, tools/materials to explore some finishing techniques, plus a portfolio of samples to look at....